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Within one week of your order being placed, we expect to begin work on your sling. If for any reason, you decide to cancel the order, we ask that you do so within 48 hours. We do not take credit cards and will not use credit card numbers to hold the order. Therefore, you can be assured that there is no penalty for canceling.


One week after your order is places it is likely that we will have added custom markings to your sling, such as military insignia, initials, or name. It would therefore be a loss for us to have an order canceled at that time. Please consider this before placing your order.


Upon completion of your order you will be notified that payment is due. When we receive your payment we will ship your sling.

Where payment is by personal check we ask that you ensure your account has sufficient funds.


In the event of extreme weather conditions such as heavy snow or local flooding deliveries may be delayed. We can not be responsible

for these delays.


We will keep your address and email information (if supplied) on file to be able to notify you of additional products or special offers that may be of interest to you or your fellow shooters.


Under no condition will we knowingly share your information with any other parties including corporations, other small businesses, government agencies, or individuals.

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